You Must Be Born Again

You Must Be Born Again


The book includes photographs and texts from Liu Liu's project You Must Be Born Again, the project documented a Chinese Christian community in Chicago. In China, materialism is taught heavily in schools, Chinese tend not to have religious beliefs as they grow up. Because of the cultural background and social environment of China, most Christian communities are under the control of the Chinese government, not many Chinese are Christians. However, a lot of Chinese students studying at U.S. universities are coming home with Christian beliefs. As an atheist, Liu attended activities in Chinese Christian communities in Chicago, through which she explored how these communities are constructed, how individuals interact in these communities, what role has religion played in their daily life, also to analyze herself critically, she used photographs and diary to record the experience in the church.

The book is handmade in Thomas Nelson Bible size, three different kinds of paper were used, copy paper and inkjet photo paper were used to print the photographs, and texts are printed on lightweight offset paper, which is often used to print the Bible.

See more photos of the project here.

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